An Outside Perpsective


Last year, our friend Alyssa Marie Aviles reached out to us about an opportunity we couldn’t resist! She was looking to get more experience photographing for nonprofits and we were looking for new pictures to hang up around our center. It was perfect timing for both of us to partner!

Alyssa spent two days with us capturing incredible moments and stories from our clients and staff. She was kind enough to write a blog about her experience on Day One(Day Two coming soon!) out with the HOPE Team.

Click here to go to Alyssa’s blog!

We love this quote from Alyssa:

I’ve served in soup kitchens, I’ve done street ministry with the homeless before, but this was the very first time I was invited into their homes…the place where they eat and sleep. It was a new experience. I realized that they are just like us (but perhaps more creative with what they’ve got!). They need medical attention. They need food. They need care & compassion.


Even if some of these clients claim to “choose” their life out in the woods, they still deserve our attention out there. Many are using their lives in the woods as a coping mechanism or out of their fear of society. The HOPE Team and our clinic is available to assist them when they are ready to re-emerge and return to their lives of self-sufficiency.

Thank you Alyssa for your beautiful words and pictures! We’re looking forward to the Day Two blog!


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