Pink In October


“Thank you for your compassion and love! The service you help provide for women like me is a blessing of hope and joy. I have been laid off for two years without insurance – this is a window of peace for me that you have offered.”

An expression of true appreciation to a donor from one of the many ladies who have benefited from the Femmes de Coeur Mammography Program at Health Care Center for the Homeless. Our mammography program was established in 2006 with start-up funding from Femmes de Coeur, a local women’s philanthropic group. Femmes de Coeur continues their support for this program through our annual event partnership, the Heart to Heart Gala. To date, our program has provided over 1,600 screening mammograms to uninsured women who were unable to afford them on their own.

Imagine having to chose between a roof over your head, food on the table, or your health. Women come to our Health Center well into their forties without ever having received a mammogram. Their health care has been fragmented at best, with primary care needs often being treated through local hospital emergency rooms. Early detection is crucial to surviving breast cancer and we need your support to help make this happen.

Mammograms are provided for our uninsured female patients right here in our Health Center through portable digital equipment. We raise the funds to support this service by reaching out to foundations, churches, corporations, service organizations, and individual donors. Each mammogram costs our Health Center $65 and for our female patients who qualify, the mammograms are provided free of charge. Patients who are able to share in the cost of their mammogram contribute a portion of the $65, allowing us to stretch your dollar even further and serve more women in need. We hope you will consider a gift of any amount for this crucial program – you could be saving a life.

Thank you for your time and consideration and please know your support will truly make a difference to someone in need.

For more information on our mammography program please click here.

If you are ready to contribute to our mammography program and help a woman receive what could be a life saving mammogram, please click here for our donation page.


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