From Patient to Personnel

McWhorter & Dr. Cadet had a great patient-provider relationship before she joined our staff.

McWhorter & Dr. Cadet had a great patient-provider relationship before she joined our staff.

Toni McWhorter has been a member of our family for over two years now, even though she’s only been on staff since October of 2012. A now valued member of our team of Medical Assistants, McWhorter was a patient at our clinic for two years before she started working with us. She describes that when she first started coming to us, an uninsured single mother of two, Dr. Cadet joked with her that she looked like a nurse. She explained that she was a Medical Assistant, but that she already had a job. However, when the recession hit, the office she was working at closed down and she knew where she wanted to go next.

“Once I lost my job, I just knew that I wanted to apply here,” McWhorter explains. “I never thought I’d end up working here, but I’m so glad I am. Being able to help someone everyday—it just feels good knowing that’s my job.”

McWhorter says that several of her family members are also patients at our clinic, and that’s how she was first introduced to us. Now a married mother of four, McWhorter is quite possibly our biggest fan. She appreciates that she’s seen the clinic from so many perspectives.

“Sometimes Dr. Cadet will ask for ideas or thoughts from a patient perspective,” she says. “It’s pretty cool working alongside him. He has a lot to offer as a physician—very detail oriented—I felt very well taken care of as his patient.”

So how does having that patient perspective affect McWhorter? It drives her.

“I mean I’ve always been a person that wanted to care for and help people,” she says. “Because I know what it’s like out there. I have been out on the streets with two kids; I have not had electricity in the house; I know how it is trying to make ends meet—I just—I know how it feels and that’s a motivation for me.”


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